How to use rich snippets in GWT for your local business

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To help Google to properly identify a local business we can make use of the rich snippets.

Unfortunately we can’t always implement Rich snippets in your site, for example if you don’t have direct access to manage the site.

Fortunately, using the the Google Webmaster Tool (GWT) it is much simpler to carry out, all you need to do is login into GWT and use the “Highlighter” tool to help Google locate local activities information.

With this tool we can tell Google what are the details of our local business, such as the company name, telephone number, address and business hours, etc.

To do this let us go to Google Webmaster Tool Main menu and navigate to the page Main Menu > Search Appearance > Data Highlighter and click the button [Start Highlighting]


After clicking the Blue button you will see a pop up where we need to enter the address where the data is located on our site and the type (in our case “local businesses”).

We will have to decide whether to apply these data only on the following page or all similar ones. Typically this data is located in the footer, so we can usually applie the change to all similar pages.  The next step allows us to highlight our data. Once you have identified the data, clicking over it and holding the left mouse button, drag your moue pointer to highlight the text you want to highlight. On the right you will see a list from which we will choose the type of data that we have just highlighted, such as the name or address.

On the right side we have all items already selected and assigned. Once you have completed the procedure with all the data click on the finish link. The next page automatically shows similar pages or the ability to create a custom set for that data structure. Check that the selected pages are similar to the one we have just assigned the data. In the vast majority of cases we can proceed smoothly in automatic mode.

Now we will have to monitor and report any discrepancies between the reported pages. The minimum is 5 pages. Finished after this step we must review the accuracy of the data and confirm everything.


The full guide can be found in the Google webmaster help section

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