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twitterAn online entrepreneur these days is aware of the importance of the social web. It’s practically mandatory to join and be active on Twitter and other social networks, as otherwise you get left behind. This gives you an efficient way to connect with a large number of people who are part of your target audience. You may be wondering, though, why more online businesses aren’t using Twitter if it’s so essential. What would cause anyone to ignore the chance to connect with so many targeted prospects? The answer is lack of awareness and less use of best practices. What follows are a few highly effective tactics for making a strong impact using Twitter for your business.

So if you’re a business then it’s obvious that you’re selling something, right? We all know this, but when you interact with people on Twitter, you shouldn’t be too aggressive about it. Twitter is primarily a social network, which means business and selling have to take a secondary place. What you should be doing is building relationships with people who follow you and get to know them. Make them curious about you through your words and actions rather than by trying to promote to them directly. The way you build momentum on Twitter is by publishing tweets that are enjoyed and retweeted. Make sure what you tweet is content people will want to forward. Most of your followers will prefer this approach to trying to hawk your products in an aggressive way. In your company Twitter account, make sure more than one person knows how to use it. In other words, having more than one Twitterer in the company is not a bad idea. It saves your Twitter account from becoming dormant. Keeping your followers updated is what they expect. You have followers because they care about what is happening with your company. People feel like they should be a part of what you are doing. Having a number of people in charge of your Twitter account will help this get accomplished.

In Twitter’s offices Mr Medvedev opened an off...

In Twitter’s offices Mr Medvedev opened an official account on the Twitter social network. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have a business, you have to give plenty of attention to your customer service options. Twitter can help you in this area. You want to give people as many ways to reach you as possible. Your customer service can be more complete if people can contact you via Twitter. Just don’t treat Twitter as a third party service that has no value when it comes to helping your customers. It won’t cost you anything, and it can make a real difference. Your clients and customers will be impressed that you use the latest platforms. Twitter has been around for awhile now. And from the above tips it goes on to show that you can definitely leverage its reputation for your own business. This is factual – you need to join now if you want to grow along with Twitter. You need to do more than just join the site and silence yourself. No, but actually play a part in their social environment in the most excellent way that you can. Be sure to take advantage of the advice we offered above. Instead of just chewing over the idea of putting them to use, actually use them.

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