The Key to Keyword Research & Effective Link Building

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livros-de-redes-sociais-seo-e-web-2-0_lIn today’s technology driven existence, empirical and scientific approach tends to superimpose best-judgment-call sort of approach, even though the latter may stem from a more interpersonal thought. For keyword research, there are so many online tools and softwares so readily available that pondering over a search term is now an activity modernized by computer generated analysis. The protocol is an effective one, no doubt. After all, no would want to spend their ad dollars on building links with ineffective keywords.

Using keyword research tools is a focused approach to jotting, scanning and classifying terms and phrases.  The added advantage of using such tools is that a marketer has the opportunity to measure the effectiveness of a term in generating traffic, thus limiting the margin for error.

A great place to start researching keywords is the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. It is a free tool that anyone can use without having to start an actual paid Google AdWords campaign. This tool tells you how many times a particular phrase or a related phrase has been searched for in a given month on Google. Although this tool is singularly effective, it bears well to employ more such tools to properly gauge a keyword’s valuation. One can use similar free tools like use Keyword Discovery, Overture and Word Tracker to compare the analysis generated for a keyword.

Another trick that greatly aids the process of keyword research is looking at what the competition is doing. Take a look at their ad heads, banners and content pieces and you will easily understand the range of keywords they are working with. Also, regular evaluation of your website’s statistics will reveal the keywords that are actually driving traffic to the site and those that are ill-functioning.

Irrespective of the tool used, the purpose behind identifying keywords should not be limited to scanning out potential keywords. One cannot rely on a keyword’s effectiveness in generating visitors alone; it is important to determine keywords which have the potential to result in click-throughs to your call to actions pages. Additionally, make use of long-tail keywords. They are usually inexpensive and are capable of driving traffic from niche audiences not being taped by your competition.

Whether it is link building or SEO, the process of internet marketing requires the essential infusion of effective key terms, without which the purpose is rendered ineffective.

For a search engine optimization for local businesses, it makes more sense to target more geography-specific and long tail keywords. Also, when it comes to pay per click targeting, the importance of arriving at very relevant keywords becomes all the more significant.

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