Improve Your Pay Per Click Management By Estimated Top Page Bid

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Google always seem to do things that not only grab users’ attention, but also show outstanding results, quite often much more than originally anticipated. That is why Google stands out over other companies in the pay-per-click world.

Estimated Top Page Bid

Google AdWords, is already an established player of the online marketing arena, and gets further tweaked by Google, as they add a new metric into the Google AdWords interface right at keyword level. This new metric is referred as “Estimated Top Page Bid”, and this has got all the potentials to literally revolutionize the incoming traffic volumes for the keywords you want, further increasing the worth of Pay per click management



What’s the Purpose?

This newly introduced metric is designed to provide you with an estimate of what your bid might need to make sure it shows up consistently in the banner positions. For those of you, who do not know it very well, only advertisers meeting certain minimum quality criteria can enjoy the luxury of banner positions. The problem is that these requirements prove way more demanding than some of you might think.

Criteria For Top Banner Placement

To give you a hint, even during the trial stages, an ad needs to be having a minimum of 3 percent CTR (click-through rate) history for any particular search query intended to qualify. Now, if an ad surges up into top 3 that was not there earlier, as compared to an ad that could not fulfill this requirement in the same position, the lower placed ad simply jumps ahead of the ad placed higher to it. Though there are speculations of some sort of changes in this particular CTR criterion, but the extent of those changes is not clear as yet.

Similarly, there is a minimum  bid requirement as well, that is generally based on the quality score that your site has, also referred as a “minimum ranking requirement”, failing to fulfill this requirement will stop your ad from reaching this banner. One might access it by reaching the keywords tab, clicking the  button over there, and then clicking “Est. top page” bid.

What Should Advertisers Look For

Advertisers need to keep in mind that banner position counts a lot;  some marketing experts believe the banner is the most important spot to be in. This is not a mere speculation; there are plenty of statistics that reveal the fact that CTR increases significantly when you hold the banner spot in Adwords. In fact, you can find it yourself by going to the Top vs. Side segment present in your keyword tab. You can observe the difference by checking every single keyword in your account. Only then will you realize the difference banners can make for your campaign. It is like getting backlinks from high PR sites versus getting them from low PR sites for your website link building in organic search.


It’s hard to fathom that such a small change in your bid can send you so far down the page and result in a major dip in traffic. You need to keep an eye on your statistics to really see the difference between being on the sidebar, or in the banner spots. Only then will you see the power of making use of this Google Adwords utility to get the most from your campaigns.

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