Hiring A Community Manager? Questions To Ask During The Interview

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With the popularity of blogs and social media, many companies are starting to add a community manager to their list of employees. Community managers are in charge of monitoring and maintaining all social accounts for companies, and this also includes monitoring and maintaining online review sites.

If a community manager is a new position at your company, you may be unsure of what questions to ask during the interview aside from the basics. But if you’re going to add a community manager to your company, it’s important you add one that has experience and knowledge. The following are some great questions to ask a community manager during an interview.


What platforms do you have experience working with?

Some people will call themselves a community manager simply because they like playing around on Facebook and Twitter. While having knowledge of social platforms is great, you want a community manager that is more well rounded. Make sure they have experience with social media as well as blogs and online review sites. If they have managed all platforms in the past, it’s likely they’ll be more successful with your company’s social endeavors.

What is your engagement strategy for blogs and social media?

Blogs and social media are about engaging with your audience, not just posting information about your company. Make sure that the candidate discusses getting to know your audience and listening to what they want, then using this information to craft a great online strategy. If the individual discusses only using automation tools such as Hootsuite or can’t come up with a valid engagement strategy, they’re not the person you want on your team.

How do you handle negative reviews and comments?

Even if you think you’re the world’s best company, a negative review or comment is going to appear somewhere about your company. It is the responsibility of the community manager to be aware of this information and diffuse it before it becomes worse or viral. Make sure they have a great plan in place as to how they handle it. You want to make sure they are willing to respond in a timely fashion and not ignore the comment. You also want them to make you aware of any potential threats, be courteous and find ways to handle the situation in a professional manner.

How do you plan on monitoring all the social channels?

Great community managers will use the right tools to help them better maintain and monitor your platforms.  For social sites, community managers will use tools such as Sprout Social to house all the platforms in one easy-to-use dashboard. Plus, Sprout Social also provides your manager with great insight into who makes up your audience and what topics are generating the most interest. They’ll also use tools such as Twitter Trends and Facebook Insights to help them succeed.

As for review sites, using tools such as Review Trackers can help them be notified in real time when a new review is posted. This will help them stay organized and ensure they’re always in the know.

Caleb Grant is a professional reviews tracker and avid writer.  He is currently blogging about reputation management and review monitoring tactics for businesses.

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